Why Octonius

Enterprises are looking for new ways to support and facilitate work, wherever people are. They want to create an environment with more fluidity and flexibility. Octonius brings a high level of clarity on work and coordination, so leading organizations can be more productive and nimble, without the countless email and status check meetings.

How do you nail async / sync collaboration?

65% of employees believe that their productivity has increased with remote work. Unfortunately, more flexibility also lead to real challenges with the quality of work. most of employees time is spent on gathering information and answering emailsdeep work needs less distractionswho is doing what and priorities are not necessarily clear

A more scalable way to manage work and teams

Octonius scales organizations ability to execute from anywhere. As more teams join the platform, a digital structure and a real-time view of all the work in progress start to appear. New efficiencies happen and new capabilities surface.86% of Octonius users see improvement in their work-like experience20%~80% reduction in internal email load5%~20% more time for high value activitiesacceleration of organizations agenda towards the future of work

Octonius systematizes work and team management

The most successful companies will create a new style of working that empower people to do better work, with dramatically less efforts.

Octonius is unlocking that opportunity. 

Proven and scalable solution

Octonius is powering work management on a wide scale. Our solution has been implemented and adopted by organizations with over 5,000 employees. Our solution creates a level of transparency and alignment that is hard to achieve from email and communication tools. Our customers benefit from the platform’s multiple views of work, data on workload management, and high adoption rates.80% adoption rate by global workforcessingle source of truth for work management

Saas and private cloud solutions are available

Octonius can be either used as a SaaS solution, installed on a private cloud or on your premises. Note that Octonius can be installed in less than one day, whatever cloud platform you use.

Integrate with your systems

Great things happens when tools work together. With better work management, you can more easily decentralize control, adapt to changing situations, and keep operations aligned.create items from the systems you usesend notifications where you need themconsolidate data inside and outside of Octonius.

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