Your smart workplace. Single source of truth for your team.

Making your teams more connected, productive, and engaged.

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New way of working

Structure and coordinate work through a fully integrated workspace and communication hub.


Consolidate all your team activities. Have team conversations, share files and more. Everything created within the system is tied to a group, adding context and relevance, improving search and discovery.

External collaboration

Work with external teams, partners and suppliers, in a private and secured place.

Personal feeds and tasks

A smart workplace delivers the right information at the right time. Access the replies to your messages and all your ongoing tasks from a personal feed. Prioritize your own work.

Group chat

Communicate instantly, get replies and share files on the go.

Group files

Create a repository of files for each team, so anyone find the right files at the right place.

Group tasks

Assign tasks to one or multiple team members. Clarify what needs to be done and make it transparent for all team members

General Admin panel

Control who can access the workplace and for how long.

Powered with multiple integrations and features

Our core features focus on productivity.

Power user features

New digital organizations require access to agile and lean startup methodologies and tools. We got you covered.

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