Work. Simplified.

Move teams from complex systems and give your employees a single place that simplifies how work and processes are executed.

Learn how you can manage teams and work differently


A new, contemporary work experience

Octonius does not capture employee’s attention.
It liberates time for real and deep work.
Get better results in a busy digital world.

ZERO learning curve

Octonius does the heavy lifting: all work events are automatically tracked and organized into flexible visual boards. Create stories, events, and tasks from a single command: Octonius’ box.

Better results, less communications

Increase moments of uninterrupted work, for the work that really matters. On average, employees send 40+ messages per day. Help your employees work on the things that matter, which results in a much lower volume of communications and a less stressful work environment.

Flexible & adaptative

Start with the framework that is good for each team, then adjust as necessary. Your teams know better than anybody how they work. We unleash their potential with smart, flexible tools.

General Admin panel

Control who can access the workplace and for how long.

Powered with multiple integrations and features

Our core features focus on productivity.

Power user features

New digital organizations require access to agile and lean startup methodologies and tools. We got you covered.

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