Deliver every project with Kanban boards

Help teams clarify priorities, achieve better results, and improve productivity in less time.

Increase your team’s focus

Teams stay focused on achieving their goals by providing a clear and organized view of what needs to be done. By keeping track of tasks and progress in a central location, team members can easily see what needs to be done and stay focused on the task at hand.

Reduce emails and check-ins

Our shared online Kanban board creates full cross-company visibility. Simply click into a task to see its full details. Task boards can help teams identify and address any roadblocks that may be preventing them from making progress, allowing them to stay focused and on track.

From a simple “to do” to a complex project delivery

Octonius’ task boards are super flexible, allowing each team to work in a variety of ways. Either work in a Kanban agile process, or just use your own process to replicate how your teams work.

🏷️ Powerful custom fields

Use custom fields to bring as much details as needed for your projects, and use the data entered to create analytics for your dashboards.

💯 Provide feedback right in the task details

The ability to comment provides a great way for your team to keep all knowledge together, in threaded conversations inside each task card.

Launch multiple Projects from one board

Project planning and project management are difficult to handle with current tools on the market. We took it one step further and decided to fill the gap.

 🚀 Plan and launch your projects from an intuitive interface and track the progress of your teams.

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