Task Shuttle 🚀

Unparalleled collaboration cross-departments

Better team collaboration

When it comes to interdepartmental efforts, you need to receive critical updates. Shuttle items to other teams without asking for additional permissions.

Greater visibility on assigned work

When you shuttle a task, you still have visibility on the task status, even if you don’t have permissions to access the other team.

Faster collaboration and visibility between teams

Task Shuttle allows a member of a team to send a task to another team without the need to have access to the respective team.
Example: John from Marketing needs a new computer, so he makes a task with that request and shuttles it to the Procurement team.
Maria picks up the request and John can see the progress of his request in real time.

👋 Keep the conversation going

Both parties of a Shuttle can communicate via comments directly on the task, keeping everything organized.

💯 Provide feedback right in the task details

Each party can ask for more details, or additional information in the task card. That’s makes it easier to collaborate on a certain card.