Smart work management features

Octonius helps you consolidate people and work management with easy status updates, rapid execution and a culture of continuous learning.

  • Intuitive kanban boards
  • Stunning timeline to track projects
  • Unique project planning features
  • Automation for smart workflows

Fine-tuned for your teams’ needs

Recognized by thousands of users for its best-in-class user experience and extensive features, Octonius helps you deliver excellence.

Customize everything to suit your needs

Octonius is built as a flexible and customizable solution. Each team can decide what to use and how to use it.

Guaranteed fast adoption

Our award-winning user interface provides just the right amount of features in any context. And it looks familiar, reducing the learning curve.

Strong security for a safe workplace

Our enterprise-grade security is unmatched, and gives you plenty of control options, several deployment options and more.

Never miss important activity again.

Our award-winning user interface provides just the right amount of features in any context. And it looks familiar, reducing the learning curve.

Keep in touch with your team in Activity

Group Activity is used to ask or provide feedback on work, knowledge, to communicate impactful information to your team.

Dashboards to monitor workload and performance

Get a quick view of project status, engagement and resource management.

Task management

The task boards provide unlimited flexibility and customization for every team’s needs. Be Agile, or Lean or anything you need. Octonius adapts for you.

Launch multiple Projects from one board

Project planning and project management are difficult to handle with current tools on the market. We took it one step further and decided to fill the gap.

🚀 Plan and launch your projects from an intuitive interface and track the progress of your teams.

Goal management: North Stars

Use objectives and key results to align  your teams on common purposes. Goal management can be used in the following scenarios:

  • align team members in the context of team goals
  • align multiple teams or your full organization on higher purposes

Resource allocation

Each team has visibility on their workload. It’s easy to see how much work your colleagues have, to create better task allocation for your projects. That way managers can improve project delivery with better accuracy.

Performance dashboards and Business Intelligence

Access additional information that helps you see the real-time progress of your initiatives and the good health of important KPIs.

Personal view of work

Help your employees navigate through their work at a more individual level. From a single and personal view, employees prioritize the tasks they need to complete today, this week, and all the weeks after.

People-centric forms

Flamingo, our intuitive form builder, lets you create beautiful forms that follow like a normal conversation.

One question at a time, to keep your audience engaged.

See insights and responses in an easy-to-understand interface, get reports and statistics.

Create a powerful knowledge repository inside your work management platform.

Streamline approval requests

Make approvals faster with Octonius. Use our approval workflow software to accelerate sign-off and drive efficiency.

Ready to see Octonius?

We’d love to show you how Octonius can help your teams.

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