Follow your North Stars

Help Your Teams Reach Every Goal With OKR Software

Achieve better results by following your North Stars

Stay on track to hit your goals with clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress tracking.

Measure success with key results.

Track progress with numerical, monetary, percentage, and task Targets. Create Targets by adding tasks from different teams into a Goal, create weekly sales Targets, and more.

Drive results with an intuitive OKR system

Our North Star system allows your company to plan, execute and track the progress of the most important missions directly from one central place.
Simply create a North Star, then add details like description, scope, assign people, add tasks and targets that must be completed in order to complete the main Goal.

🗃️ Change log for visibility

All the changes and the updates are kept as a record for audit.

💯 Bring your teams together

Improve teams alignment, make it clear what must be achieved and how. Deliver excellence.

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