Intranet & Digital workplace

Connect everything employees need for work and help everyone stay informed.
Share knowledge quickly and efficiently.

Work Groups

Replicate your organization’s structure with easy to understand concepts. Groups are a natural way of building teams, business units, departments or knowledge repository.

Communities – Agora

Create thriving communities inside your organization. Allow employees to build and grow communities around specific topics to promote learning and improve engagement.

As simple as posting and commenting

Octonius’ Activity makes it extremely intuitive to communicate about work, provide help or ask for feedback.
And with our powerful document management system, finding relevant files is a faster and smarter process.

Asynchronous communication

Each group has a place to communicate, share ideas or provide feedback on work. It’s a feed called Activity.

Document management system

Each team can build private or shared file repository with Octonius file system. Add metadata and context information to build a meaningful search system for the future of work.

Stories and events for internal communication

Empower teams to visually communicate in a more personalized way with Octonius’ Stories and blogging capabilities. Employees can interact, share, and provide direct feedback quickly and efficiently.