Octonius HIVE

A modern HR & Payroll tool for companies looking for a simplified experience. Introducing Hive HR

Better visibility on employee performance

Since all work related data resides inside Octonius, it’s now faster and easier to review employee performance in real time, based on the work done.

Organization Chart

Improve engagement with new ways of connecting people and work. Allow member to search and connect with other colleagues with the people directory search.

Improve communication and interdepartmental collaboration

People Directory and Organization Chart make it easier to locate people by teams, skills, or name.

HR solutions for modern companies

A simple, yet flexible approach to Human Capital Resources.

Payroll solutions to keep everything aligned

Create formulas, roles, and calculate salaries across different entities for your organization.

Organize legal entities and assign people

HIVE module makes it easier to manage several legal entities, allocate employees and assign roles, salaries and other information, synchronizing it in real time across the platform.