File Management Solution 🗃️

Robust and flexible search for all your important documents.

Powerful file storage

Octonius can store all your important files, like any other cloud storage.
It is your own private storage system built for privacy.

Intranet for the modern knowledge repository

Offset your storage costs with our built-in file storage. Attach files and upload new versions through integration with cloud platforms such as Box, One Drive etc.

Organize your files

Create your own structure for the documents you manage. Give refined access to your team or partners.
Upload a new version of the file easily, with a track record(audit) for every event.

🗃️ File management system for everyone

Files can be stored entirely in Octonius, inside each Group. It’s super easy to control who has access to what.

🏷️ Build your own knowledge context

The system is super helpful if you keep building metadata for each document uploaded. As the documentation around a file gets better, our AI – Adam – will be able to assist and provide the right documents in the right context.

Impressive metadata system for search

Octonius helps you build a single source of truth and brings meaningful context right in the file details. For every file you can build tons of metadata, using text, custom fields, tags and more.

This helps when searching files in a specific context, as there is no need to remember the place or the file name anymore. Simply search the context as in: ‘documents from 2019 regarding OIL contracts’.

Edit Microsoft 365 documents

Our state of the art document editor is built on the robust Libre Office engine. This means you can open and edit any Office documents easily, directly in Octonius.

One click document editing and reviewing for your teams. No need to switch apps and context.

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