The easiest way to organize team communications and work. Manage teams and projects, in one central hub.



Octonius enables companies to work in a more efficient way, stay organized, and save time and money. Work in Octonius happens in groups — a single place to have conversations, share documents, come back later and easily find data and files.

Work faster with the necessary built-in tools for collaboration, all in one place.

Give your teams all the needed information and files, formerly widespread across spreadsheets, chains of emails, meetings and notes.

Create events and assign tasks directly from teams chats, so responsibilities and next steps are clear for everyone.

Integrate with the services your teams use.

Visualise work.

Visualize in team calendars who is doing what, by when.

Access relevant info and files.

No more time wasted asking for status and searching for documents. The possibilities are limitless.



Where everyone gets notified in real time.

Your Intelligent Inbox

A smart workplace delivers the right information at the right time.

Get informed in real time, get access to the activities and the necessary background to accomplish work: messages, replies, files, calendar events, people and groups.

Overview notifies you on the latest activities of your team, related to your work. The right information, in the right context.



Manage all users from one central locations

Super administrators control what end-users do and assign permissions for everyone from one central board, so you can protect your organization and its data. Group administrators have local controls, for a second level of security.

Build internal teams, collaborate with outsiders, and to do it effectively and safely.

Make your team more collaborative

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