Great collaboration is predictable.

Everything happening in your company, in one central hub.


Where everyone gets notified in real time.

Intelligent Inbox

A smart workplace delivers the right information at the right time.

Get informed in real time, get access to the activities and the necessary context to accomplish work: messages, replies, files, calendar events, people and groups.

Overview notifies you on the latest activities of your team, related to your work.
The right information, in the right context.


Where work happens.

Organize Teams in Groups

Each group offers a private access to a set of tools. Groups can be your company’s departments.

You can also create groups to break those departments into smaller teams, to work with people from multiple departments or for external collaboration

Move Work Forward

Cut back on emails, move conversations into a messaging system designed to handle and organize multiple asynchronous conversations.

From a single box command (idea-lane) create a new post, assign tasks, share files or calendar events.

Group Calendar

Assign meetings or any other activity; access them from an interactive calendar.

For each group, managers and team members have a full visibility on deadlines and who are the assignees.


Where immediate communication happens.

Communicate faster with integrated chat.

Have something important to share? Use the Chat feature for one to one or group communication. Chat is where immediate communication happens.