Octonius as an ERP platform for light and medium use cases

Octonius is a fully featured, robust, and flexible work management solution for enterprises looking to create efficiencies.
Due to the fact that we focus on each of our customer’s needs, we are able to understand complex problems, sometimes critical problems that require a well-built solution.
For many years, a generic tool for all-around ERP was SAP. No one ever questioned them, no one ever tried to find something else.

But SAP became a tool that generates unwanted complexity for 95% of the companies using it. So instead of helping, it creates more silos and more problems for the majority of users.

Octonius’ VP of Product

Octonius ERP

The Customer Success Team at Octonius ran a workshop with many customers who were asking us for a lighter solution. It became clear that the solution was in front of our eyes: Octonius.
Our platform is very flexible, so we started to replicate a few generic use cases from production industry in order to test our approach.

It became clear that this new workflow we created, together with our powerful Custom Fields and Automator, are building value for the client looking for a lighter ERP system to fulfill the needs of the employees.

Key benefits for using Octonius ERP:

  1. easy to use by all employees – so the adoption rate is huge
  2. setting it up is easy and intuitive – add your products and product specs using custom fields
  3. building workflows is fast: from entering an order to shipping it to the customer, you have real time information
  4. for each order you can create conversation, share and collaborate on documents
  5. access powerful insights and analytics about the production process in real time
  6. it servers as a full work management platform, not only as ERP, so all your company data is in one place, one app, a single source of truth.
  7. cost effective. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Benefit from a subscription-based usage model and drive cost efficiency by shifting upfront capital expenses to operating expenses
  8. deploy it where you want it: on-prem, private cloud, public cloud.
  9. we keep adding new features on request, faster than anyone on the market.
  10. we offer free workshops to improve your processes and workflows, and help everyone deliver excellency.
  11. Automatic and continual updates. Updates fully managed by Octonius so you don’t need extensive IT resources or face disruption to the business

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