Collaborate across departments and teams

Break up with emails, meetings and spreadsheets

Work requires the ability to quickly form teams for temporary and permanent work. Still, companies rely heavily on emails to manage teams, using spreadsheets and meetings to coordinate work and for status update.

The solution

Octonius encourages your organization to work in a new, easy and more continuous way. Create, provision and deprovision teams, apply constraints to get focus and get updates in real time. Octonius can be used across a variety of contexts, for both internal and external collaboration.

How it works

- Connect your storage (Octonius integrates with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox).
- Create groups and invite people.
- Accomplish teamwork (chat, assign events and share files).

The result

- Consolidate all your communications and make it easy to access documents.
- Spend less time managing work, more time doing actual work.
- Make faster decisions.

Make your team more collaborative

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