Octonius – an alternative to Microsoft Project and MS stack

Everything you need to keep your organization nimble and modern.

Don’t get stuck in outdated tools.
Plan, track, and manage projects with Octonius’ powerful features and intuitive workflows—all in one place.

Bring your team together for big wins. Achieve MORE with LESS

Octonius’ robust features make it easy to break down projects into clear action items for your team. Everyone will always know what comes next and where progress stands.

Octonius succesfully replaces the Microsoft suite for work management.

  • internal communication
  • intranet and files management
  • stories and events
  • blogging platform
  • employee engagement
  • work management features
  • projects and tasks
  • resource management
  • time management
  • budget management for projects
  • KPIs tracking and performance monitoring
  • TASKS, IDEAS and GOALS in one intuitive board with multiple views
  • powerful automation tools
  • approvals with powerful automation tools
  • build and collect forms and surveys

Instead of using over 5 Microsoft apps to work, your organization can use Octonius for everything and build a single source of truth for your company’s knowledge.

Everything is easier to use, more intuitive and requires zero training.

Unlike Microsoft tools, there is no need to spend a lot of money for professional services to train your workforce on using the products.

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