Bring AI powered Automation to your workflows

Cut out busywork and tackle activities that matter most.

Move work forward, automatically

Apply simple rules to automate commonly used actions. Octonius works in the background to automatically update and alert you to streamline processes, reduce errors, and scale faster.

Your work, right where it should be

Octonius automatically moves your work to the next step in your workflow based on status, priority, and risk. Now everyone has full visibility into tasks and projects so they can focus on the right work.

Build automated steps

Easy to use, intuitive recipes are ready to be put to work for your team. From a selection of actions, to triggers and AI driven actions – all at your fingertips.

🏷️ Powerful custom fields

Use custom fields to bring as much details as needed for your projects, and use the data entered to create analytics for your dashboards.

💯 Provide feedback right in the task details

The ability to comment provides a great way for your team to keep all knowledge together, in threaded conversations inside each task card.

Get even more done with ADAM, the AI powering Octonius

🤖 The artificial intelligence inside Octonius will learn and adapt from your workflows, offering help, automating even more things, searching and providing the right data at the right time.

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