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The Stories That Lived in Our Heads Rent-Free This Year

What’s the magic formula for creating a work management tool that unites employees?

If 2022 was any indication, it involves either ease of use, document collaboration, OKRs, or letting out our inner goblins 🙂

2022 had more than its fair share of geopolitical disruptions and political power shifts. But amid an often overwhelming news cycle, there were a few (occasionally light-hearted and low-stakes) internet moments that the Octonius Team couldn’t get enough of.

We’ve rounded up some of the 2022 stories that lived rent-free in our heads, helping us shape the future of work at a fast-paced model.

Here are our craziest moments this year

A new way to read and engage with corporate news. Introducing LOUNGE….

A modern HR & Payroll tool for companies looking for a simplified experience. Introducing Hive HR

Who said CHAT? Here we go.

Looking for guidance to reach your objectives? North Stars have a new face.

Simplified CRM to build a proper single source of truth for your manufacturing and production processes.

ERP is becoming a trend. Simplified and intuitive ERP for mid-level complex scenarios looking to replace SAP for companies looking for speed.

And above all, access to mobile apps for on-premise / private cloud deployments. WOW.

That was a whole heap of fun!

We keep pushing our limits and we are grateful for how our customers are making Octonius a big part of their company’s success.

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