Octonius Launched A Platform In Farsi.

“We believe that making our platform available in Farsi would help us improve our relationships with Iranian companies and experts, make Octonius more intelligible and popular, and allow us to coordinate efforts more efficient,” says Cosmin Ciobanu CEO.

We learned a lot about Iranian culture and language as our team updated the software in Farsi. One of our employees was raised in Iran, so she shared interesting linguistic facts.

Iranians describe Farsi as “sweet.” For example, 

Jeegareh mani – “You are my liver” – جیگر منه

“Alex, jeegareh mani” translates as “Alex, you are my liver!/ You are my everything!”

This sentence tries to communicate the warmest feelings! Jeegar is a Persian term that means “liver,” but it is also used to describe one’s deepest affection for someone. If someone refers to you as his liver, it suggests you are highly important to him. Unlike many other languages, Persian has a myriad of ways to express such sentiment. 

– Ba namak – salted – با نمک

“cheghad emrooz ba namaki” translates as “something about you today.”

This phrase literally means “with a twist.” When you are told you have “namak” (salt), it means you are exceedingly sweet, intellectual, gorgeous, and dressed very fashionable .The Persians believe that salt improves the flavor of food, and the same works for humans.

“You are exceptional today!”

It’s easy to become perplexed while hearing “Farsi” or “Persian” from different people concerning the same language.

Although Persian is the official language of several countries, each one has evolved its own flavor. Each country gave it a different name. After all the formalities, it was given the name “Farsi” in Iran and “Dari” in Afghanistan.

In most European languages, its name has two origins. It is derived from either the Greek form of the ethnonym “Persus” or the Latin name of the country “Persia.” Persische Sprache, for example, in German; Lingua Persiana in Italian. 

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