New Possibilities With Octonius Workplace and Management.

Despite the hot wave in Barcelona, our team is working extremely hard in May 2022 to deliver a lot of technological updates. See what’s new in the most recent edition of Octonius Workplace and Management.

Language Improvements.

To begin, users may now select their preferred language through My Account, in addition to automated localization (through local language settings).

English, Spanish, German, and French are now available.

We improved the system so that a customer’s request for a new language could be fulfilled in less than a week.

Better Search Engine.

We improved the Files Search in Octo-Search (all-platform).

When the search results show multiple files, you can limit them down by using a Group and/or Custom Field filters.

For example, you want to find sales reports in the Sales Group with the Custom field REPORTS: MAY. Simply utilize the custom fields to quickly access the right info.

Granular Control Over Search Result Filters Is Now Available.

It is now possible to provide different users with varying levels of access to the same resource. Access determines what a user is allowed to do in a system.

We enhanced the Octo-Search such that it now scans the FILE DETAILS (the metadata) to find the proper file.

For example, if you upload an image named 12345.jpg and want to add a remark to it, simply go to the file details and fill out the required information. For example, “This is a scan of the invoice from the business trip to France.” Our search engine will check this data and get the file out of all the archives. 

It is not necessary to know the file name or location. Creating useful metadata is an effective strategy for building a super-library or file repository.

Integrations. More Integrations. 

We’ve introduced more clouds to connect; if your company uses the enterprise-focused cloud BOX, you’re just a lucky one. Simply link your Box account to Octonius for instant access via the Octo-Search.

Task Check.

A Task history is now displayed in the task details section.

It will keep the track of who changed due dates, statuses, and anything else you can think of, creating a truly transparent collaborative environment.

Changes to Files.

We realize how tough it is to maintain track of file versions. It’s practically difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools.

However, with the most recent system upgrade, users may submit fresh versions of the same files while keeping track of the changes. All links to the file will be charged to the updated File Version automatically.

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