On-Premise Digital Workplace For Telecom

Digitisation is currently altering all conventional industries and corporate structures. The traditional industry of telecommunications is becoming more outmoded, offering new challenges and opening up new opportunities for growth.

And users are no longer only persons, but also a plethora of interconnected devices, the number of which, according to Gartner, has surpassed the total number of people on the planet.

Digitalisation allows us to expand beyond communication services, Internet access, and traditional telecommunications services. Digitalisation, as well as the development of infrastructure as a platform, business processes, and systems, allows the creation and development of new products with a high level of consumer value in the required time frame, allowing to compete with independent content and service providers and build cooperation and entire service ecosystems. As a result, for telecommunications companies, digital transformation is not so much a way of achieving competitive advantage as it is a must for sustaining and increasing market positions. Collaboration in the development of joint products, as well as solution integration, are important components of a successful telecom digital transformation. Furthermore, digital cooperation allows running a profitable business from anywhere in the globe, regardless of the physical location of your partners.

Octonius, as a provider of a workplace platform and solutions, addresses one aspect of the digital strategy by elevating the work of teams and individuals. It builds the internal and external infrastructure for business, as well as the digital environment of a corporation.

Transformation with a digital workplace environment boosts the speed and flexibility of value creation processes, allowing them to respond to market changes and customer expectations. This requires developing more flexible forms of campaign management, reducing hierarchies, and improving communication engagement quality. 

The efficiency with which telecommunications companies operate is based on the seamless execution of internal business processes. Excessive back-office costs, support for outdated practices, and paper documents all contribute to lower margins in a highly competitive environment.

We provide solutions to relieve the burden on business units through digitalisation. The Octonius ecosystem improves efficiency by making processes more predictable, transparent, and technologically complex.

In general, the establishment of a digital workplace allows for the optimisation of communication and production processes. Given the increasing growth of the telecoms industry, Octonius anticipated a competitive climate and handled the critical aspects:

  • safe data transport and software that is stable;
  • agile automation was used to create tools to boost team productivity;
  • Integration of systems;
  • military level of security and functionality.

Overall, digital transformation in telecommunications is a matter of survival, not just increased competitiveness. In order to solve it, it is necessary to use the market’s IT expertise and experience.

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