4 Ways Automotive Manufacturer Is Transforming Work With Octonius

The driving goal for the Octonius team while designing the digital workplace was to elevate the work experience to the next level. Our vision is to bring together technology, people, and things to create a game-changing convergence. Providing a tailored working style to every employee, regardless of location, supported by new and comprehensive engaged employee experience solutions.

In companies, the requirement to cope with massive amounts of data frequently leads to so-called data accumulation paralysis. Employees must deal with so much information that they are unable to focus on the most crucial or even the most relevant facts in order to make the best decision. A digital workplace equipped with data visualization and equipment control features, as well as analytical tools, maybe the way out of this dilemma. The approach frees the user from having to evaluate raw data and allows them to immediately get the information they require.

For our automotive customer, we have merged solutions and services from every type of employee work experience:

  • Collaboration and planning among cross-functional teams
  • Human Resources employee statistics
  • Product life-cycle movement and planning automation
  • Privacy protection and cybersecurity

Another advantage of having a digital workplace is that it improves the quality of interaction between various corporate departments. Furthermore, our customer in the automotive sector said that Octonius digital workplace enhanced employee satisfaction by 20%, resulting in an average 87 percent improvement in staff retention.

When we first started working with our client, the whole work process was centered on one excel file with status updates for 300 people to update across many products and factories – this was a true everyday challenge.The Octonius team adheres to one fundamental rule: keep the UI as simple as possible. Anyone can understand a natural and straightforward interface with elements that speak for themselves.

Using Octonius as a real-time update system, arranging all information in cards on the task board, with clear assignees and quick changes, everything became faster, more dependable, and easier to follow. Adding PLM and planning automation on top of this resulted in a significant increase in team productivity and overall performance.

We believe that our goal is the most complete. Octonius digital workplace is an interconnected set of services available on the market today. We took advantage of the common limits and trends of engaged employee experiences to create an exquisite working environment that is ready to use the moment it is deployed.

We hope that this digital vision stimulates and challenges your thoughts about the significant role that the Octonius platform may play in becoming a major driver of your success.

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