Octonius Increases The Benefits Of The Corporate Education for Retail.

Online education is more crucial than ever. The framework of distance education is equally important for business, and on a far bigger scale than the expectations of the average student. Consider the tasks of a brand with over 300 shops around countries of Europe: when a new collection of items is presented, it is important to teach the directors of branches in all areas how to sell it, what strategies to employ, how to best arrange it in stores, what trends to advise sellers about, and so on. Face-to-face training is a time-consuming, logistically difficult, and hence expensive practice.

The Octonius team addressed this issue by incorporating useful eLearning features into their own digital workplace in order to provide online corporate training for clients.

The platform provides single space education tools for staff training, assessment, communication, management, and incentive.

The Learning platform portfolio includes a variety of educational options (online courses, full-time education, programs, and seminars) focused on building soft, cognitive, digital, and professional skills. It equips the clients and partners with the knowledge and capabilities to tackle the toughest development challenges.

Additional tools allow for online presentations to mobile personnel working away from the office, the creation of courses, and the coordination of training.

These tools enable doing the following important activities in training and personnel management:

  • The Octonius team adheres to one fundamental rule: keep the UI as simple as possible. Anyone can understand a natural and straightforward interface with elements that speak for themselves.
  • Aids new employees in quickly assimilating to their new team. Even before coming at work, the system collects all of the information needed for the first working day, reducing the time necessary for briefing.
  • Employees get remote access to all documents, instructions, videos, courses, surveys, and presentations.
  • Employers can use the concept of skills management to execute people admission examinations and certification, plan career advancement, and intelligently distribute work, therefore boosting the organization’s overall professional level. Before and after employee training, working company KPIs are examined.
  • Adaptable notifications and reminders 

Key metrics:

  • Travel expenses for training reduced by up to 70%,
  • Up to 50% increase in sales of new products and services after the training is globally performed,
  • In yearly terms, the employee frees up at least 5 working days (2% payroll),
  • Employees adapt to a new role 9 times faster,
  • Training now takes half the time it used to
  • Within a few minutes, the leader oversees the team’s accomplishments and is able to give timely comments.

Additional platform features are focused on intra-corporate learning, thus they provide the most comprehensive and flexible collection of eLearning services, allowing any firm to tailor distinct scenarios of the educational process.

Create an interactive course for employees, track their progress, and then execute testing to identify flaws based on the results. Then, organize a master class to fix mistakes or a training session with an invited expert. And so on, from the capacity to save and alter instructional materials to monitoring the learning process and academic accomplishment, as well as the ability to test and assess trainee outcomes.