How Can Octonius Help To Increase Client Engagement?

During the recent pandemic outbreak, many processes have become remotely accessible, including immersive client communication and development.

Remarkable things happen when we strive to solve issues rather than oppose change.

As an example, many banking institutions began to provide dynamic learning opportunities on how to master budget and finance, how to be thrifty with money, and start investing.

The Octonius platform is adaptable to unique needs and keeps up with the fast-changing digital world. One of our banking clients embraced the educational practice. Inspired by the success and credibility of proven approaches to online learning, Octonius adopted the digital workplace for educational purposes.

The Learning platform portfolio includes a variety of educational options (online courses, full-time education, programs, and seminars) focused on building soft, cognitive, digital, and professional skills. It equips the clients and partners with the knowledge and capabilities to tackle the toughest development challenges.

It gives each client instant access to a wealth of resources.

The main purpose of developing a Learning platform is to educate corporate clients and partners while also improving the capabilities of the bank’s employees. Initially, students-to-be are encouraged to acquaint themselves with banking products and services. Videos are used to present the material. They also offer audio recordings with answers to frequently asked questions.

The Learning platform also serves as a foundation for bank clients who wish to learn how to properly manage their finances and generate money through investments. After creating a brokerage account, the participant receives a training course that provides an understanding of business strategy, portfolio creation, and financial risk avoidance.

The course is broken down into multiple lessons. An exam comprising of test questions is given at the end of the program.

Based on the Octonius Intranet, the bank educational portal creates a true social network for investors. The network gives an idea of:

  • what others are investing in,
  • keep track of the success of the portfolios,
  • converse with skilled traders,
  • share your investment experience,
  • investigate the methods of other investors.

We anticipate that improved access to knowledge would hasten development solutions by translating global knowledge into actionable learning.