Game Changer – Get Everything In View & On Track Easily.

Octonius is more than a project management tool; it is a better method of working. Teams who use Octonius are more productive and organized. They communicate more effectively and require fewer meetings.

They’re also significantly more efficient than before. Here’s how Octonius pulls it off.

Octonius allows you to divide your work into several projects. Every person participating in the project, every debate, every document, file, task, crucial date, approvals and so on are all included in each project. Everything!

How it differs: Unlike email, where everything begins unstructured and you must continually handle the mayhem, Octonius groups keep everything orderly by default. Information is always where you expect it to be, and it’s simple where to locate it.

  • Everything a team needs to get work done is contained within each project (group).
  • Activity stream — Post announcements, ideas, and progress updates, as well as questions and criticism.
  • Task boards improve the flexibility and transparency of cooperation.

Folio is more than just a document

it’s a workplace that combines creativity and collaboration in one location. A one-of-a-kind Folio. There will be no more bouncing between papers, spreadsheets, and specialist workflow tools to get things done. Folio combines all of your words and data into a single, adaptable canvas. And it really looks like canvas!

And that isn’t all.

The security level is top-notch, whether used on-premise or in the cloud.

Octonius is a work platform. There are no restrictions on what you may do with it. And Support Octonius is always there to assist your team, learn from your team, and enhance the product on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we will explain how the Octonius platform differs from the Microsoft ecosystem, as well as the benefits and drawbacks. Bring it on!