Digital transformation for healthcare – how Octonius can help with project management after COVID

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry has the potential to radically improve the ability of doctors, hospitals, and organizations to treat patients and help them live longer healthier lives.

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Our challenge as a productivity platform was to identify how we can speed up workflows and processes by moving them online and connecting the dots.

Even if everything in a hospital or any healthcare system is done in the real world, many systems should be visualized and stored in a digital space for improved access, faster analytics, and data visualization.

Let’s not forget that the medical staff is also human resources, they need care, they need engagement, re-skilling when needed and everything else just like any other employee.

What is also important – healthcare project managers are living in a very fast pace.

That can include managing an addition to the hospital, securing medical supplies from vendors or planning an increase in emergency response rate by a certain percentage.

Healthcare project managers identify issues and offer solutions, manage teams and delegate tasks, as well as monitor progress and stay on schedule. Communication is also a cornerstone, though you might be communicating with different departments, such as a hospital board or others in charge of the budget.

The pace in the medical sector is fast. There will be constant deadlines, and you’ll likely have to manage more than one project at a time. So, you’re going to have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and interact with a wide variety of people to get everything done.

This is where Octonius can help.

As a project manager -Keep track of your teams and projects, with deadline and powerful rules for automation.

At the individual level, each employee has a clear view of what’s important TODAY (inbox zero – zen mode)

At the team or organizational level – everyone has the same view on the vision to be executed. Build a structure for work that fits your healthcare company and refine the workflows as needed. Create a repository of knowledge and best practices accessible to all staff with a smart elastic search, powered by Octonius AI algorithms.

Contact Octonius if you work in the healthcare industry to see how we can help you deliver your project on time and under budget.