Keep Calm: How To Survive Stress At Work

Stress, in reality, is a response to life changes. Continuous change is essential to survival. That is, this mechanism is beneficial, and it is not necessary to demonize it. Stress has three stages: worry/anxiety = searching for protection and resources, resistance = adaptation to the new, and exhaustion = it is better not to reach this stage. Not only humans are subject to stress, but in general all living beings. Correctly and positively passed stress is a spring of the individual development.

At work, some of us feels overwhelmed once in a while. You appear to have no time for anything, yet you become exhausted as if you are working for yourself and for that guy. This sensation is caused by the ever-increasing demands of our time, as well as, distractions. As a result, worry, stress, a feeling of anxiety and emotional exhaustion interfere with regular functioning not just at work but also at home.

When our health is at danger, it is critical to identify the origins of workplace stress and do all necessary to decrease or eliminate the sources of irritation. Here are some of them:

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The problem of stress is in hyperbolic anxiety. The tension is over the top. When confronted with external obligations, we feel useless and seek support. Our own resources appear to be unfairly limited to us.

Here’s where you’ll want to make a mental notification in your head. Just say to yourself: Stress is a physiological reaction! Bravo!

Get aware of your surroundings and “pass through” your entire body. Look for muscle clamps, stomach contractions, tightness in the arms, fingers, thighs, and legs, and clenched jaws. Squeeze-unclench. Feel the ground under your feet. Breathe! When people are under a lot of stress, they tend to hold their breath. You don’t need to hyperventilate your lungs; just follow the path of the breath as it enters the body.

Make a clear distinction between what is happening in reality and your own fantasies and projections about it. You probably oscillate between impatience and fear. Clearly build a hierarchy of needs. In stress, a person does not know what to hold on to.

Not everything in this life has to be guaranteed, and it shouldn’t be. For some, the sun will be too shiny on the beach, for some, the dish in the restaurant will not be pleasant. Every instant of life has a subtle tone of pleasure and displeasure.

Even when the shadow of a dilemma has covered you from above, it is only you who can crush yourself. You can stop blaming others or expecting them to save you. To restore your integrity and relieve stress, you need to take at least the slightest share of responsibility on yourself and exhale. All is good, you are alive!

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